We have the consistency you deserve, the options you want, and a level of customer service you won't find anywhere else. ReWorks offers discounted rates for full community participation! Eliminate numerous collection days and allow us to coordinate your recycling and waste collection to be on the same day! Go Green with ReWorks!

  • Our goal is to drive local recycling participation. Recycle first, waste last!

  • Carts come in 3 sizes: 35, 64, and 96 gallon. You pick what is right for you!

  • Recycling and waste collection can performed in a single day in full participating communities. Allow us to coordinate this for you and keep it easy on homeowners!

  • We will service your first common area recycling cart free of charge!

  • Yard waste collection is an optional service for full participating communities and can be performed seasonally or year round.

  • Get rid of another monthly bill and save your checks! Billing can be performed through the HOA or management company.

  • We start your service with brand new, top of the line carts.